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Northlight Theatre!

Now through December 15th!

Generation LatinX is a Chicago-based company featuring a cast and crew of culturally and linguistically diverse performers with Latin heritage.

Creator and Executive Director of Generation LatinX is the talented Mishell Livio, cast member of Improvised Jane Austen

Generation LatinX

Diagnosis Boring

Staring our very own Ana Silva, Diagnosis: Boring tells the story of a young woman diagnosed as being fatally boring and her search for the cure

Matt Damen Improv

The cast of Matt Damon Improv is comprised of all women of color “slaying improv comedy,” sometimes featuring a special guest white male (Matt Damon) or female (Lena Dunham) improv comedy veteran who can only speak when repeating things that the women of Matt Damon Improv have already said in the show – forcing the guest Matt Damon/Lena Dunham to really listen and take a baby step in a woman of color’s shoes.

The weekly variety show will also showcase guest stand-up, sketch comedy, and solo performance acts by women of color. Each weekly show promises to be “Intersectional AF” and provide a safe platform for women of color to share performances that confront the current racial tension and social issues within the world around us.

Featuring IJA's Ana Silva!

Ghostlight Ensemble

Featuring IJA's Holly Robison!

Ghostlight Ensemble is a Chicago storefront theatre that asks questions that challenge the status quo through timeless stories, immersive environments and unconventional staging.

QQBB Cards A.jpg

Quiz Quiz Bang Bang

Quiz Quiz Bang Bang is the pub quiz practice show that hits you POW right in the quizzer! This trivia podcast has everything from general trivia and group episodes to themed trivia. The themed episodes range from Disney and Halloween to Game of Thrones and Rugby. When Quiz Quiz Bang Bang wrote up an episode on Jane Austen, they put the ladies of Improvised Jane Austen's mental mettle to the test! How would you do compared to the Ladies? LISTEN HERE

Hot Trivia: Host Annie Flora is a former member of IJA!